Mineski crushes TNC Gaming 3-0, qualifies for The Manila Major


Mineski has secured the only Southeast Asia qualifying spot for The Manila Major after handily defeating TNC Pro Team 3-0 in the SEA Qualifiers.

This was the second match between the Mineski and SEA at the Qualifiers, following TNC’s 2-1 victory over Mineski in the Winners’ Finals. But Mineski managed to advance to the Grand Finals following a narrow victory over Taring in the Losers’ Finals.

Mineski was dominant in all three games, preventing TNC from taking more than three turrets in any game, and denying every Rosahn. Mineski simply outplayed their opponents at every turn, with TNC failing to maintain a net worth advantage past the 12 minute mark in each game. Of particular note was Mineski’s offlaner Bokerino, who secured a combined KDA of 6/2/33 on Doom, Dark Seer and Beastmaster.

This is the second Major that Mineski has qualified for, after The Frankfurt Major. At Frankfurt, Mineski finished in the Top 2 of Group D, only to lose their next two matches to finish in the Top 12 at the event. At The Shanghai Major Qualifiers, Mineski failed to make it out of the Group Stage, finishing third before First Departure and Taring.

mineski 22

Mineski is the second team to qualify for The Manila Major, after Newbee won the Chinese Qualifier by defeating EHOME 3-0 earlier Friday.

Source by: TheScoreEsports


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