Newbee Have qualified for the manila major

newbee33333Newbee have qualified for the manila major  after defeating EHOME 3-0 to secure the only Chinese qualifying spot at the tournament.

Newbee was firmly in control of the series from the start, with Newbee winning the first two matches with a net worth lead of 36k and 54k respectively. Newbee’s midlaner Mu was a significant factor in both games, with his Tidehunter and Alchemist finishing Game 1 and 2 with a 8/1/18 and 7/1/20 KDA respectively.

Game 3 was a tougher fight, as EHOME kept pace with Newbee for much of the match. Unfortunately for EHOME, despite their great map control and well executed fights in the early game, Newbee managed to secure the Aegis in a critical fight that firmly swung momentum back in Newbee’s favor. Unable to stop Newbee’s push, EHOME crumbled at their middle barracks and called GG at the 41-minute mark.

This is the third straight Major that Newbee has qualified for, following their qualification for the Frankfurt and Shanghai Majors. At Frankfurt, Newbee fell to Team Unknown in the first Lower Bracket Round to tie for last place. Comparatively, Newbee placed slightly better at Shanghai, where the team lost to Fnatic in the second Lower Bracket Round to finish in the Top 12.

Whereas past Major qualifiers featured two teams qualifying from each region, Valve’s decision to invite 12 teams limited the number of qualifying teams from each region to one.

Source by: thescoreesports


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