OG defeat Na`Vi 3-0, win ESL One Frankfurt


OG’s performances lived up to expectations, wowing the crowd and securing the ESL One Frankfurt championship with a three-game stomp over Natus Vincere.

OG simply styled non-stop on Na`Vi in the first two games. In the second game, Na`Vi seemed to be trying to take a piece of OG’s strength by picking three of the heroes that wrecked them in Game 1: Templar Assassin, Earth Spirit and Batrider. It didn’t help. N0tail’s midlane Kunkka destroyed TA mid with Torrents easily removing every Refraction.

In Game 3, OG tried something completely different, putting Cr1t on safelane farming Riki and Miracle- on support Lion. This was likely because Cr1t is more experienced with Riki. Miracle- has never played Riki in a competitive game, while Cr1t has played the hero twice in his pre-OG days. When it comes to pub games, Riki is Cr1t’s seventh most played hero. Na`Vi took a small early game advantage in the game, but OG found their footing towards the 20 minute mark and took over the game.

Source: TheScoreEsports


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